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Marshmallow Blowgun

Christmas Fun

I wish I had a video to show you all of the fun and laughter that came when we gave six marshmallow guns as a Christmas present. Everyone was laughing so much they found it hard to get a big enough breath to shoot at each other. I hope you have as much fun as we have had. Here are some easy to follow instructions for making them.


Needed for each gun:
25 inches of 1/2″ schedule 40 PVC pipe
2 - 1/2″ PVC elbows
2 - 1/2″ PVC T-fittings
2 - 1/2″ PVC end caps
1 -1/2″  PVC coupling
1 – bag of mini-marshmallows
PVC cutting tool or hacksaw

Cut Material

1. Cut 6 pieces of the PVC pipe 3″ long and that will leave you with one piece 7″ long.

Marshmallow Gun

2. Push the pieces together as shown. Do NOT use glue so that everything can be taken apart and washed out with soap and warm water.

If you like, you can spray paint your gun. Do not paint the piece that goes in your mouth however.

Load Marshmallow

Put the marshmallow in the MOUTHPIECE. Yes, I said the mouthpiece. Trust me, the marshmallow will know exactly where to go and you will be happy with the results.

You may want to twist the T that goes up to the mouthpiece to the right or left if that is more comfortable for you.

Here are a couple of simple modifications you can make if you like.

Marshmallow Gun 2

1. You do not need to put the coupling on the end of your gun. I like the way it makes it look but that is up to you. You can save a few cents by not using it.


2. If you want a really cool “sniper” version, you will need to spend just a bit more to have a gun that looks like this.

Extra Material

Here is what you will need to add to your existing gun.
16  more inches of pipe so you can cut 3 more 3″ pieces and 1 more 7″ piece
2  more ½” PVC end caps
1  more ½” PVC T
1 – PVC corner that has 2 – ½ slip fittings and 1 – ½” threaded fitting
1 – threaded ½” PVC elbow

Sniper 2

Send me a message and let me know how you like yours.

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