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The Good Stuff

People like you have sent me some pretty cool and funny stuff over the years. This page has good stuff, fun stuff and maybe even some strange stuff. I don’t claim that everything here is perfectly true or accurate but it is fun. Lighten up, laugh, learn and enjoy.

Mary’s Little Lamb

Stock Investments Going To Pot

God Has A Positive Answer

92 Year Old Preacher

7 Days Without God

The Devil and The Duck

Teacher Applicant

Cleaning a toilet/cat

Christ Has Come

The Wooden Bowl

Shoes In Church


The Test Answers

10 Ways To Know If Your Company Is Downsizing

On The Origin Of The Species (according to monkeys)

Changing A Light Bulb

Police Comments

God Is Too Busy

Getting Into Heaven

Why Go To Church

God Bless

Two Wolves

Kids In Church

The Lord’s Baseball Game

Take My Son

Please Fix This From UPS

Courtroom Mis-Communication

Why Did Jesus Fold His Napkin

Tater People

Cherokee Indian Boys Become A Man