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Jesus In The Snow

Jesus In The Snow

As I was growing up, my folks had this picture hanging in our living room. It’s called “Jesus in the snow”. ┬áThere was a piece of paper taped on the back side of the picture that told the story of how the picture came about.

It seems there was a Chinese photographer who was deeply troubled spiritually. He had been witnessing a great movement towards Christianity among his friends since the Japanese invasion. He longed to know the truth of what he had been hearing from Christian missionaries. As he rode along he said, “Lord, if I could only see your face, I would believe.” Instantly a voice spoke to his heart, “Take a picture. Take a picture.”

As he looked about he really didn’t see anything to take a picture of. But still he felt as though he was to take one. So he took one of some melting snow with the black earth showing through it. Curious to know the outcome of the incident, he developed the film at once upon returning to his home. Out from the black and white areas of the snow scene a face looked at him, full of tenderness and love – the face of Christ. He became a Christian as a result of this experience.

Everyone who came to our house could see the picture of Jesus except me. All I could see was a black and white mess. Several years went by and I was very discouraged. Then one day I was walking through the living room and as I looked up, there was the face of Jesus looking at me. All of a sudden I could see Jesus in the snow. From that day on, every time I look at this, Jesus is there. Can you see Him?

Jesus In The Snow

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