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About Jest Kidding

The main ministry of Jest Kidding is to conduct programs in churches throughout the United States and Canada. We also provide magic and juggling workshops and seminars in churches as well as conferences such as the Fellowship of Christian Magicians and many others. However, our online ministry is now reaching boys and girls all around the world.

We are a full-time ministry. We tell people about the wonderful truths found in God’s Word, the Bible. Some pastors say that we teach people the things they’ve tried to for a long time. Most people, pastors especially, seem to think that we have a wonderful “kids” ministry. And we do, but what they don’t usually think about is that “kids” come in all ages. You would be surprised how many “kids” over 30 have said they really got a blessing from the Lord through us.

Please let us know if we can be of any help to you.