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Christians and Magic

It doesn’t happen very often, but occasionally the question comes up about the use of “magic” for ministry. Sometimes the question is sincere but I also realize that the only reason the question would come up is because of a lack of knowledge of the Bible. If a person understands what the Bible says and what “magicians” actually do that question wouldn’t come up.

There are two excellent articles that have been written on the subject that will clarify any questions a person may have. If you or someone in your church is having questions and is uncomfortable having Sheldon come, please print out these two brochures and ask them to read them. Sad to say, many times these people have minds like concrete; thoroughly mixed up and permanently set. They have already made up their mind as to what they “think” the Bible teaches and they are not willing to consider anything that goes against what they have already determined to be truth.

I would highly encourage church leadership to prayerfully consider what will best accomplish the goals and purpose of the church and go with that decision. Do not let one or two individuas’ lack of understanding and unwillingness to do Biblical research keep the church from having the impact in the community that it could have. The eternal destiny of the souls of children are at stake.
Magic And The Bible

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