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Giving to Jest Kidding

In order to meet government regulations and maintain the highest standards in our accounting procedures, we are listing some suggestions on how to best submit donations.

How Should My Check be Written?
Because of IRS rulings, checks should be made out to:

Jest Kidding
10230 E. State Rd.
Nashville, MI 49073

On a separate piece of paper, indicate your designation. Each time you give to this ministry, you will receive a receipt.

For your protection, do not write any names on the check. This could invalidate your deduction.

How to Make Sure “Rhodes'” get their Money
The only legal way we can insure a receipt for a donation is for the funds to come to, and in, the name of Jest Kidding. All funds are used as designated. Your receipt will list where your money was placed. If there is an error, contact our office and we will gladly make corrections.

Personal gifts such as Birthdays, Christmas and Vacation money can be sent to the individual. These gifts, however, are NOT tax deductible.

Does it Make a Difference when I Send My Check?
Each missionary has regular monthly expenses like everyone else. Workers support accounts are cleared at the end of each month.

Donations arriving later than the 25th of a month may not be receipted until the month following. This may mean that a missionary will have insufficient funds to meet his needs.

We hope that these suggestions will help you in your future giving to Jest Kidding.

If you would like to make a donation right now, you can do it online. It’s quick, easy and convenint. Just click here.

Please check out our special needs page.

Thank You