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I know that I can’t always get everything that I want but here is a list of things that would sure be nice.

1. If you are going to have me, let’s make this the best attended event of the year. God can work in the hearts of people if you can get them exposed to His Word. My job is to make the gospel as clear as possible. Promote, promote, promote.

2. Kids are people too. I like them in chairs if possible. Not setting on the floor.

3. A wireless lapel or head mic is ideal. It is hard to juggle and hold a mic at the same time and working with a mic on a stand is almost impossible as well.

4. It would be nice if you have someone to run sound; microphone and some music on CD. If the group is small I can do the music myself if you have a boom box or something like that. I’m happy to email the music to your sound person in advance so that they can put it into their computer program. Just have them contact me at srhodes@jestkidding.com

5. I have a Power Point that goes along with each of my programs. If you are set up to show that it would be good. If not, the audience won’t know what they missed so that is OK. Again, I’m happy to send that in advance if requested.

6. If you have sound and Power Point people that will be running things, please make sure that they are there at least one hour prior to the program. I will provide cue sheets for them when I get there but happy to send them in advance.

7. I have a simple handout that I like everyone to receive at the end of the program. Most of them have 8 to 10 on a page (8 ½ x 11). Let me know if you want to use them and I will send you a PDF file so that you can print them and have them ready.

These items are here for your use in promoting your upcoming event.

Showing the video is one of the best ways to promote your event.(Right mouse click on the word “video” and then “Save link as” to download the video.)

NOTE: Due to new Federal law, I will NOT be using a live rabbit in any of my shows.

Download this Power Point and add the dates for your event.

This poster can be customized using MS Publisher.

MS Publisher Template

MS Publisher Template

These posters are in MS Word format.

Word poster 1 Word poster 2 Word poster 3

Click on an Image Below to use in YOUR Promotional Material!

Flat Rabbit  Sheldon Juggle full size Jest Kidding Logo

Here is a Promotion and Public Relations guide to a SUCCESSFULL event!