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Purpose Statement

Jest Kidding exists for the primary purpose of presenting the gospel of Jesus Christ to boys and girls. This is accomplished through personal contact through programs using a variety of performing arts such as; gospel magic, juggling, storytelling, puppets and clowning. These programs are done for Sunday Schools, Jr. Chruch, worship services, vacation Bible schools (VBS), camps, FUN (Families United Nightly), kid’s crusades and a Varity of other events.Jest Kidding provides workshops and seminars for churches and conferences for the purpose of training others to use the performing arts to enhance their ministries.

Jest Kidding provides leadership and accountability to the missionaries associated with it. Families like the Rhodes must meet strict requirements before being appointed as a Jest Kidding missionary.

Jest Kidding is reaching the nations of the world through their web presence at www.jestkidding.com. The web site is designed with two primary audience groups in mine.

1. To be a site that will attract kids K-6th grade. Here they will find fun things that will be of interest to them giving them information and activities designed to strengthen them both mentally and spiritually. It is a site where they will see and hear a clear presentation of the gospel message of salvation through Jesus Christ alone.

2. To be a resource site of both materials and encouragement to other children’s workers. To be a place where those working with children can come to find new ideas, find encouragement to continue the work they are involved in and to leave their ideas for others.