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Trinity Flexagon

The Trinity is a very difficult concept to understand. Just about any way we try to illustrate it, our illustrations fall short in one way orĀ  another. However, there are things that we can use to at least maybe get us a little closer to understanding the fact that our One God is actually three very separate and distinct individuals. A Flexagon is one of the things I use and maybe it will help you too.


You can make a Flexagon out of a sheet of paper. In fact, here is a link to the one I hand out at the end of my programs. My wife made a much larger one for me to use teaching kids. Here is what it looks like so you can get the concept of how it works.

Gold reminds us of God the Father who is up in heaven where the streets are like gold.


Red reminds us of God the Son, Jesus who shed his blood for our sins.


Blue reminds us of the Holy Spirit who comforts us when we are feeling blue.

Want to see it in action?