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Jest Kidding was originally known as The Puppet People in 1973. While serving as missionaries in Alaska the newsletter for The Puppet People was known as The Puppet Prospector. After moving back to Michigan the decision to incorporate as a non-profit (501-c3) mission agency was made. The official name of the ministry became The Puppet Prospectors, Inc. in 1980. A Board of Directors was set up to govern the affairs of the ministry. They are: Steve Carr, Chuck Kazda, Dick Wolthuis, Bill Cochran, and Gregg Gardner. The purpose of the board is to provide leadership and accountability to the missionaries associated with Jest Kidding.

We are asked to perform at Sunday Schools, Jr. Churches, AWANA, Christian Service Brigades, CYC, worship services, Christian schools, banquets and conferences. Finding and having opportunities to minister is not a problem but financing the ministry can be. The Rhodes want to be available to minister wherever the Lord opens the door and it is only through prayers and financial support that this can be possible.

How the Ministry is Supported

Giving to JK

There is a great deal of expense involved in traveling from meeting to meeting. In addition there is an office, home and family to support as well. It is impossible to live on “love offerings” from children.

In order to bring the ministry to all children in all walks of life, both near and far, the Rhodes call upon churches and individuals to support them as missionaries on a monthly basis. Support, in any amount, helps to spread the Gospel message to numerous boys and girls.

Each missionary must meet the requirements of the ministry before being appointed as a missionary. Each missionary, including the Rhodes, is required to raise his/her own support. Monies that come in as a result of meetings go into the General Fund to be used for the expenses of the ministry. If Sheldon Rhodes is doing a program at a church, he does not receive any money given as a result of it. The money he receives to support his family comes from individuals and supporting churches. If an individual wishes to give a one-time or regular gift to the Rhodes it should be designated through the church offering with the Rhodes name on it.

Current Support Level
The Board is concerned for the Rhodes and their support level. They feel that the need for the Rhodes ministry is self-evident by the long lasting spiritual effect it has had on boys and girls. The number of requests that continue to come in for them is a good indication that they are being effective the Lord’s work.

Supporting the Ministry
If you would like to part of a ministry that reaches thousands of boys and girls with the Gospel each year we would ask you to prayerfully consider supporting them on a monthly basis. May the Lord bless you as together we labor for Him.

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Thank You

The Rhodes have a number of other needs that they could use help with. If you are available, they could use your help on some “special needs” projects.

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