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Bringing Home The Laughs – David Ginn

Bringing Home the Laughs started out to be a sequel to Comedy Warm-Ups for Children’s Shows. However, David wanted this book to go beyond warm-up material. It contains sight gags, word-type jokes, slap-stick, situation comedy and some pure corn. Make sure that this book is a part of your library if you are a children’s worker of any kind. It will be one of the best $3.00 you will ever spend.
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Comedy Card on Back – David Ginn

Stuck with having to come up with an extra trick 30 minutes before the show in 1973, David came up with “Comedy Card on Back”. Since that morning he has used this routine countless times to the amazement and amusement of thousands of children and adults. It fills a good five minutes in his program, and it requires a minimum amount of set-up with maximum effect.
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What? A Magician Doing Balloons? – PDF

By Hoby Tyler (Paul Ricksecker)

If you want to know what Hoby says has brought him in half of all of the money he has ever made as a magician and/or clown, you need to read this book. You do not have to be a master of balloons to make money using them. Hoby does tell you what you do need to be a master of however. A great book with lots of tips from the master that most people would never have thought of.

Magic Olympics Silver Metal Winners – PDF

By Hoby Tyler (Paul Ricksecker)

I’m sure you have Hoby’s gold metal addition already. If so, you know what to expect. Yes, this is just as good as the gold metal one. I don’t know why these effects only got a silver rating but at least I’m glad they got published. Hoby is a winner with everything he puts out and this is no exception.

Magic Olympics Gold Metal Winners – PDF

By Hoby Tyler (Paul Ricksecker)

These are the effects Hoby feels wins the Gold metal in the magic olympics. If he thinks they are that good, who am I to question? You be the judge. I think you will agree, these are real winners.

Teach With Magic Vol. 4 – PDF

By Rick Lenski

Since 1980 Rick has been teaching Sunday school and/or Wednesday night service for children. God has blessed him with ideas and a helpmate, Mary his wife to be there for the children. He says it has been a fun wild ride and he thanks God for that. This is his fourth book of 25 routines to share and his desire is for it to help others.

He did not feel the call to be a performer or traveling evangelist but to teach children and help others with ideas. His prayer is that he has pleased God in doing so and His Kingdom is enriched by these ideas.

Shower Me With Magic – PDF

By Sheldon Rhodes

God created something wonderful when He placed Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Almost, as if by magic, they performed the first production of a baby.

Women have been giving birth for a long time and will continue to do so in the future. So let’s anticipate, rejoice, and celebrate the birth of a baby at every opportunity. The birth of a baby is a joyous time for everyone associated with the couple. There is a very good chance that a baby shower is going to be given in honor of the arrival of the new family member. What a great opportunity to put your magic skills to use, have some fun, and celebrate a new life God has given.

This book teaches magic tricks Sheldon uses in shower shows.

Illustrated Illusions for Children – By Jamie Doyle – PDF

Jamie Doyle is a Children’s Pastor as well as a featured Speaker for Kids’ Camps, Kids’ Crusades, School Chapels and Outreach Events. These routines are birthed out of those experiences. He typically writes a rough routine to fit his children’s church or a kids’ camp setting, etc and when it goes over well, he jots down more details afterward and drops them in a folder on his computer. Each year as he speaks at lectures, conferences and workshops for gospel magicians and children’s ministry leaders, he will access that folder for the latest ideas and turn them into printed or electronic resources. This is what you are about to benefit from in this book.

5 Card Monte With 6 Cards by Jamie Doyle – PDF

The performer shows one at time five cards that are ways some people try to get to heaven – None of the cards show the correct way. Each card is shown and then the performer chooses one by process of elimination. The magician’s card is shown not to be the correct way to heaven. A volunteer is asked to eliminate all but one card. When she does, it is shown to be a picture of Jesus – where did this picture come from?

Smart Magic – S Rhodes – PDF

By Sheldon Rhodes

If we are smart, we will use every foot available to get the gospel message to those who are still without Christ. So it only stands to reason that we would want to use the technology that God has allowed us to have to accomplish His purpose. This book was written in hopes of getting your creative juices flowing as to how you can use your smart phone for more than playing games and checking email.

Learn how to put QR codes to use in gospel magic effects that are easy to do and effective in sharing the message that we have been placed here to give. You probably already have effects that you are using that could be converted into “smart magic”.

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