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Steve Parlette

Steve Parlette

Steve is a gospel magician and juggler. He get started in gospel magic in 1980 while he and his were working in Junior Church. When he saw a friend perform Gospel Magic, he realized that it-was a tool that can capture children’s attention. He bought some magic, wrote some Gospel applications and gave object lessons in Junior church. After two years his collection of magic grew to the point he had several boxes stacked in their bedroom. By this time he had a complete 40 minute program that he was taking to a few churches in their area. He now has a large cabinet and stuff scattered all over the house.

In 1982 he attended the National Fellowship of Christian Magicians convention. After attending these conventions his program grew more professional. It was here that he learned to juggle. When he does a Gospel program he includes about 10 minutes of Gospel juggling. Steve later became the juggling coordinator for the National convention.

You can get Steve’s lecture notes HERE and HERE.