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Ed Jarvis, Ph.D., D.D.

Ed Jarvis

Ed and Marge Jarvis (Jarona and Company) are full time Evangelists for The Salvation Army.
44 Weeks of the year they are traveling the country performing over 500 programs each year.

Ed started magic in 1948 when as a young boy he was inspired by Joe White the Gospel Midget Magician. He did his first public show in 1952, and has been very busy ever since. Marge is an accomplished puppeteer, having started in puppetry in 1978. The Jarona program consists of Magic, Music, Ventriloquism, Puppets, Drama and Dynamic preaching.

Ed and Marge had their own TV show for 3 1/2 years called Sal’s Corner with Sparkles T. Clown (Ed). It was an educational and Christian program for children. In 1986 it was honored by the People’s Choice Awards for children’s programming.

Ed is author of the book The Gospel Magician’s Digest now in its second printing

Ed holds a Ph D in Christian Counseling.

You can find Ed’s lecture notes HERE.