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Angels Watching Over You

Guardian Angel

When I think about a guardian angel my mind goes back to the picture I saw as a child of an angel watching over two kids as they crossed a raging river on a broken bridge. Did you ever ask yourself the question, “What in the world were those kids doing out there by themselves? Where were their parents? Who would let their kids be unsupervised long enough for them to get where they are now?”

I have found more pictures of angels on the web than I have room for on this page but let me show you a few of them.


According to what we have seen so far, angels are female and there is one for every two kids. Angels seem to only look after stray kids walking in pairs in places they shouldn’t be.


OK, so what did we learn here? It looks like I was wrong. At least at times there is one angel looking over one kid. It looks like either the kid was walking alone where they shouldn’t be, were asleep or being carried off somewhere. Angels really are female and are fond of children.


My Mom is a twin, we have twin boys and our daughter has twin girls. It looks like any time there are twins, angels are there to watch over them. I like that idea.


One thing is clear, angels are beautiful women. Well, at least that is what artist would like us to believe. I once heard that there are many good artist that are not good Bible scholars. This is just a guess, but I’m guessing the artist that painted most of these gals were men? Just a guess.


Now this is just wrong. Everyone knows that angels are not hot, buff, males. Or are they? I tend to think that maybe this artist is closer to the truth than some of the other ones. It really sounds like angels are male according to the Bible. Otherwise how do you explain Genesis 6:2?


Here I thought angels where white females. Now you’re telling me that they are not necessarily white and they are males? To be honest, I kind of like the thoughts that maybe angels are like the two guys above. I feel a little safer with them around me. My personal favorite is the last one done by Bill Osborne. Of all of the pictures of angels that I have ever seen or come across, I think his is perhaps the best representation of what an angel really looks like. Be sure to click on his picture and check out his site. So what is a person to believe?

Well, tell you what, why don’t we just agree to believe what the Bible tells us about angels? There are LOTS of books about angels. I’m not saying that some of them aren’t good but what the Bible has to say about them we know is true. So if you really want to know the truth about angels, take a lookie in the Bookie.


We know that Jacob saw angels while he was asleep. Genesis 28:12 It was always pointed out to me that it says they were “ascending and descending” on the ladder. According to that, it sounds like they were on Earth with Jacob first and went up from there and back down. We see the same type of thing again in John 1:51. So they must be all around us.

We know that angels like to party. Every time someone becomes a Believer, they throw a party. Luke 15:10

It also sounds like maybe you and I have seen angels and didn’t even know it. So much for the flying good looking ladies. Hebrews 13:2

There are like a LOT of them. Revelation 5:11

We also know that the day will come when you and I who are Christians will be like angels in some ways.

Matthew 22:30

Mark 12:25

Luke 20:36

Keep your ears open and keep looking up. The day will come when we are going to hear an angel blow a trumpet. When we hear the toot, we’re gonna scoot.

Matthew 24:31

Mark 13:27

2 Thessalonians 1:7

Don’t ask me when that is going to happen. The angels don’t even know that.

Matthew 24:36

Mark 13:32

They will lead us in an awesome worship service. Revelation 7:11

There is going to be a huge war and God’s angels win. Revelation 12:9

The Bible does tell us about angels that do watch over is.

Psalm 91:11

Matthew 4:6

Luke 4:10

Hebrews 1:14

In any case, I do believe that many times all of us have put our guardian angels to the test.

If there was ever any doubt about the fact that there are angels watching over us, take some time and check out these real life, modern day miracles.

The disciples were called Christians first at Antioch. Acts 11:26 Now read what happened in Antioch, CA. Toddler survives 30 foot fall.

Six-month old hit by train.

Man in wheelchair pushed by semi truck.

My wife and the rattlesnake.

Angel in hospital story.

Angel in a hospital video.

There is no doubt in my mind that you have stories that include angels. Maybe you don’t have pictures to prove it but you know they were there. Would you be willing to share those stories with the rest of us? These stories encourage us. The more we believe in angels, the more we believe in the God who created them. If you do have pictures, that would really be great. Send me a message with your story or a link to one that you hear about.

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