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It’s been a while

Hi Friends,

It has been a while since my last post. You can thank the folks who hacked into our site and planted some nasty code. Now after spending a lot of money and time, with the help of a great friend, we are back up and running.

There has been amazing things happening with our ministry and God is at work in the hearts and lives of boys and girls, moms and dads. The truth of God’s Word is powerful and God is seeing to it that His Kingdom is growing. We are so blessed to be a small part in what is happening.

We have been burning up the miles as usual. In the past few months we have had meetings all across the USA and have been to 27 States. God continues to open doors and we continue to do our best to share the gospel.

It could be possible that some of you have not heard about our newest adventure, Goliath’s spear. You can learn more about it at www.GoliathsSpear.com We are excited about this “tool” which has been a great way to get men and boys attracted. Please be praying with us that God will lead us to the right person to come alongside us and help with this new adventure. The spear and all of the exhibit items that go along with it are BIG and HEAVY and I’m not as young as I was even a year ago. Funny how that happens.

Now that things are up and running again on this site, I will be posting more. However, you can find me on Facebook along with Jest Kidding, Goliath’s Spear and God’s Family. Like and follow us there for more day to day events.

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