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Children’s Pastors Only

There is a Facebook group called, Children’s Pastors Only that I have really been enjoying being a part of. If you are a children’s pastor, I strongly suggest that you join this group for some great ideas and encouragement.

One of the main topics recently has been the subject of Vacation Bible School (VBS). Not all churches have VBS any more. Many have gone with other approaches to reaching kids for Christ which is fine. However, for the churches looking to have VBS, this is the time of year that they really need to be getting things in order.

Most of the large churches have money that they have set aside for VBS but even many of them find that these funds are not enough to do what they would like to do. Yes, there are VBS packages and programs that you can buy but have you checked into the cost of any of these recently? It will shock you.

That leaves many churches really hurting when it comes prime time for reaching kids with the gospel (June – August). As I read the posts on this group, I can feel their pain as they have hearts for kids but no funds to buy materials, etc. My heart goes out to them because I too have the same heart to reach kids.

So, a couple of days ago, I made an offer to bless one of these children’s pastors, their church and all of the kids they can reach. I made an offer to bless them with a VBS at no cost to the church for me. Of all of the churches anxious to take me up on this offer, only one will be selected. The announcement will be made April 1. No, it’s not an April Fool’s day joke. This is for real.

Perhaps you and your church would like to “apply”. If so, join the group and do a search for my name to read the post for details.

Now for the pitch. You and I know that I can’t totally “give” an entire week during prime time. This is only going to be possible if there are folks like you who realize that this really is a great “missions” opportunity and will give to help with the cost of us being there. Please go to ourĀ Support page and make a donation of any amount. Your gifts, large or small, will make it possible for us to reach kids at this church as well as many others throughout the summer.

By the way, my broken leg is getting better. Today the Dr. reduced me down to a brace instead of a boot. If I don’t have a lot of pain, I can use the brace and a “real” shoe. I go back in six weeks for more X-rays. At least now I can walk on it. PTL Thank you for all of your prayers.

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