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Happy Thanksgiving

Today all of us just need to take a look around and take note of all of the things we have to be thankful for. You don’t have to look far to see that each of us really are blessed beyond belief. These blessing come from our Father in Heaven who loves us so very much. Praise Him!

Today I am excited to tell you about something NEW. Many of you have been supporting us each time you search for something on the internet by using our toolbar or by going to www.goodsearch.com Well, here is something even better. I know that many of you shop online. But, did you know that that purchase can also support our ministry? It’s as easy as clicking on the logo below wherever you see it our our site. There are more than 5,000 sites that will donate back to us as much as 20% of whatever you buy. That’s right! And they also provide you with a list of discount codes that you can use when you make your purchase. So you save money and donate to us all at the same time.


Support Jest Kidding in a free and easy way, just by shopping online. With over 5,000+ retailers participating in the Goodshop.com program, ranging from Toshiba to Edible Arrangements, you can purchase everything you need online, all while raising funds for this very special program. With every purchase you make, whether you use an Amazon promo code , Sundance Catalog deal or any of the thousands of money-saving coupons, Goodshop will donate up to 20% of what you spend online back to us. Thanks for your support!

This offer do not expire. So use it anytime you are shopping online.

HOWEVER, this Sunday, November 30, Goodshop will DOUBLE the donation! So that means that up to 40% of what you buy online that day will come back to us. Friends, you can not find a better deal that that anywhere on the web. Please, take advantage of it. Do your Christmas shopping online this Sunday.

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