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Christmas Success


Our Christmas in July event was a huge success. We had over 20 people show up to help construct a life-size Nativity. All of the figures had to be traced onto the plywood and then cut out and painted. They are all cut out and the undercoat of paint is on them, some are finished and others are getting very close. We have two more days scheduled for painting and that should wrap things up on them.


Over 40 holes were dug in the front of the office building and a support system was put in for each of the figures and cemented in place. All of the support posts were cut and painted and 16 new electric outlets were put in so that everything can be lit up with colored lights. It is amazing what all can get done with a crew like we had. Today we bought the lights necessary and everything will be set up Nov. 29. If you are anywhere close between then and the end of Dec. be sure to drive by and take a look. It is going to be amazing.


Sheldon did his Christmas juggling/magic program. You can see pictures of the entire event by clicking HERE.

One of our board members is building the stable and it is almost finished.

If you would like to see progress that has been made since, take a look HERE and HERE.

If you would like to be a part of this project, we would love to hear from you. Perhaps you would like to make a donation towards it in memory of someone.

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