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Spanish version of God’s Family goes live

God's Family

Mother’s Day was more than just another Mother’s Day for us. The Spanish version of God’s Family went live May 11 and we had a dedication service with those who did the voices and recording present. It was a wonderful day as we asked God to use this project to reach thousands upon thousands of Spanish speaking people.

You can see the pictures that were taken here.

The God’s Family site also got some other updated features. Be sure to check it out and click on the share buttons to share the site with your friends. This will help us get the Spanish version off to a massive start.

Here are some things I would like to encourage you to do:

1. Go to www.GodsFamily.com and watch the animation in English, Spanish or both.

2. Put a pin in the map close to where you live and leave a word of encouragement to other members of God’s family. You do not need to leave your name or any personal information if you don’t want to. Just a Bible verse or when you were saved would be fine.

3. Download the adoption certificate, put your name and date of salvation in and print it out. Then frame it and hang it on the wall. Then the next time the Devil tries to get you to question the fact that you are a Christian, just point to the certificate as your proof to him that you really are adopted into God’s family.

4. Click on the share buttons to share the site with all of your friends. You may not know anyone who speaks Spanish but your friends might. I’m guessing you know people who speak English, they need to know about the site too.

5. Pray with us that this project really will be used to reach thousands with the gospel.

We have the French version recorded and ready for the animator to add the soundtrack to the video. All we need is the money to pay for it. If you would like to help with that, just click on the support button. We have plans for other languages as funds are available. Be a part of what God is doing.

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