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Invest $97 for $2,000

I don�t know about you but no matter where I look, I don�t see any really good investments out there right now. The banks won�t even give you .05% interest on your savings. It is making things really difficult for a lot of people.
Well, I�m here to tell you that investing in children always pays good returns. That is why Vicky and I have invested our entire adult lives into reaching kids for Christ. Your investment in us is what makes it all possible and we thank you.
One of the things we realize is that we need to invest in tools that help us be more effective in the work God has called us to do. Some of these tools are expensive but even those that are not all add up to be quite a bit every year. Again, your investment in us makes it possible for us to keep adding the tools we need.
Recently we found a way for us to get some of the tools we need at prices that are unheard of. What if I were to tell you that you could take $97 and turn it into $2,000 in about a week? Would you be willing to make that type of investment? I�m sure I know the answer to that. Well, you can get at least $2,000 worth of tools that can be used to reach youth and teens for Christ for just $97 but you only have 144 hours to do it in.

The folks at www.only144.com are putting together some really great deals that I know you will find useful. I am confident in saying that because we get things from them and I know how valuable they are to us. So if you are looking for a really good investment, check them out and invest in the children�s ministry and/or youth ministry of your church. If you would like to make that investment through us, your $97 is tax-deductible and you can specify that we use the money for the tools that we get from www.only144.com .

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