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Day of Praise

This is the information I sent out to everyone on our Prayer Group today. If you do not receive our emails but would like to, you can sign yourself up in the contact area or just send me a message with your email address requesting to be added. We would love to be able to keep you updated.

Update on Katie: In my last message I asked that you pray for a pastor’s 4 year old daughter in the Grand Rapids area whos daughter was having surgery to remove a kidney which had cancer. Well, your prayers were answered. This is the report I received today. Path report shows Katie’s tumor to be Wilm’s stage 2. She will be undergoing 25 weeks of chemo, but no radiation even though it’s a 2. The doctor said she was afraid it was going to be a stage 3 because of the size of the tumor (it was over 2 lbs!!). We are praising the Lord for a good report and now will be preparing for chemo.
Katie is doing well and will be released from the hospital tonight. Chemo will likely start on Thursday. Please continue to pray for this dear family. Thank you all so much!!

Victory for Iris: For at least the past 2 – 2 1/2 years we have asked that you pray for our granddaughter, Iris who had some problems with her immune system. She has been hospitalized several times during this time because of it. The ââ?¬Å?numbersââ?¬Â go like this. Anything between 1,500 and 6,000 are considered normal. Anything below 500 is really in the danger zone. At one point hers were at 130. They had said that she should outgrow by the time she started school and that has been our prayer.

Little by little her numbers have been coming up and today she hit an all time high of 1,800! She does NOT have to go back from any more ââ?¬Å?pokesââ?¬Â for this. She is now 3 Ã?½ and this gives her a clean bill of health. PTL big time!

VA Victory: Today I received a letter from the South Dakota VA telling me that two of the three bills from my stay in the heart hospital last July have been totally taken care of. The hospital that Vicky took me to the ER first has not received any payment yet but they are still working on it. So praise the Lord again. I�m doing good and try to spend some time on the treadmill the days we are home.

Fairbanks Outreach: Another pastor in Alaska contacted me today to see if I had any open dates at all for while I�m up there this fall. It looks like one of the three is going to work perfect for them. They want to do a community outreach event for the kids in Fairbanks. Be praying even now that God will prepare the hearts of the kids who will be there that day.

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