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Babies, Babies and More Babies

Within the past two weeks, God has sent us babies, babies and more babies, boys, boys and more boys, blessings, blessings and more blessings. Our daughter Karon gave birth to twin boys Elijah Nelson and Raydon Michael and our daughter-in-law Carlie gave birth to Abram Joesph. Not bad for two weeks. Together that takes our total so far to 9, nine, did I say 9 grandkids? I haven�t been able to hold one yet without crying. Talk about melting my heart, a newborn will do it. Then when that newborn has my blood, that makes it all the more precious. Those of you with grandkids know exactly what I�m talking about.

Elijah NelsonRaydon MichaelAbram Joseph
Having grandkids being born into the family is a wonderful thing. It is also a wonderful thing when a child is born into God�s Family. I just learned today of another girl that came to Christ after one of the programs I did at a church earlier this week. I couldn�t help but wonder just how great God, our Heavenly Father, feels when another one is born into His family? Does he get tears in His eyes the way I do? Does His heart swell with pride knowing that the blood of His Son made it possible?

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