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Thanking Vets


Thank You Vets

Maybe it has been going on longer than I know about, but last year was the first that I remember any business really doing something to honor vets. Home Depot did a big thing for the vets. This year Applebee’s really did it up big by providing veterans with a free meal. I mean a MEAL. Not a snack or a sample – a meal. Thank you Applebee’s.

You see, during the time that I served, the military guys really didn’t have much respect or honor. Guys coming back from Vietnam were certainly not welcomed back as heroes like we welcome troops coming back from the gulf area today. It seems like most of the guys in the Army at least during that era, were not in Nam because they wanted to be. Back then we were still drafting guys. They were in but many not by their own choice. Then they were sent where they did not volunteer to go. Yet when they came home (if they didn’t get killed first) they came back to a nation who was against them personally. That was just wrong.

Then there were those like myself who signed up freely without being drafted. We came back to the same non-welcome committee.

I don’t care if you were in favor or not of the Vietnam war, the gulf war, WWII or any other war, we owe our freedom to the men and women in uniform that has made and is making or keeping our freedom. Without a strong military our country would not be the wonderful place to live that it is and has been.

If nothing else, I feel that the events of 9-11 caused a major change of attitude towards the military. I know how great it must feel for a vet to have someone come up to them now and say, “Thank you for your service to our Country”. I hope you don’t pass up any opportunity you have to thank a vet.

Be faithful in praying for the leaders of our Country and for those who faithfully show up each day in uniform doing what needs to be do so that you and I can enjoy the freedoms we have. Personally I always hated the saying, “Rather red than dead”. Not me, I was and still would be willing to fight and die fighting to keep freedom alive.

Thank you Applebee’s and every business that has done something to show honor to our hereos of freedom.

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