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Touch A Life

Rev. Bill Baker

Rev. Bill Baker Jr.

Today I spent several hours with a man who has had a great deal of influence in my life and ministry for the past 30 or so years. Rev. Bill Baker was one of the first Christian magicians I ever meet. He has a wonderful testimony which you will be able to read about on this site in the days ahead.

I�m sure that you have someone like Bill in your life. Maybe it has been a while since you talked with them. Why not take some time and give them a call right now. I�m sure it would be a real encouragement to them if they heard from you.

Are you that person to someone else? Is there someone that you are working with, teaching, or in some way making a difference in their life? If not, find that person. There are lots of people out there that desperately need something that you can offer. Let�s touch lives and make a difference just like someone touched our lives.

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