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Thank A Vet

I heard today that another ministry whos income is down 65%. I�m not exactly sure where we are but I know ours too is down for the year. Many families have had to cut back on everything including their giving to ministries. So where have you cut back?

One way that we have cut back is in the area of health insurance. A while back we decided to drop my health insurance but keep it on Vicky with a larger deductible. I am eligible for treatment through the Veterans Administration because of my service in the Air Force during the Viet Nam era.

I was recently walking out of the VA hospital in Battle Creek when some kid stopped me. ââ?¬Å?Sir, are you a veteran,ââ?¬Â he asked?

ââ?¬Å?Yes I am,ââ?¬Â I replied. With that he handed me a handmade card and said ââ?¬Å?Thank youââ?¬Â. I thanked him and continued on out. As I walked to the car I looked at the treasure he had deposited in my hand. Tears quickly filled my eyes as I read the words inside. Sure never heard anything like that back in the 60ââ?¬â?¢s.

I should have gone back in and found out that kids name and given him a bigger thank you. I think he had a handful of cards to pass out and I donâ��t think this one was made by him. It is my guess that some teacher had his/her students make the cards.�  Iâ��m sure I will never know for sure where it came from but I want to share it with you.

Vet Card OutsideVet Card Inside

All of us owe a big Thank You to all vets. The next time you see one, would you take the extra effort to thank them for their service. The Viet Nam war was not a popular one but those who serve in our military deserve our thanks no matter what our feelings are about a war.

If you have never visited the site dedicated to my Dad and the crew he flew with during WWII, please visit www.hrhodes.com .

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