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History In The Making

Today history was made. Today we recorded the first of many upcoming God�s Family language versions. Many of you have been praying for this day to come and were praying for us as we were in the studio this morning. Thank you so much. It went GREAT!
I was not exactly where I was going so I left early. I also got there early. I wasn�t sure where I was going and stepped inside a building to ask directions. Another man was coming in from the back side of the building. I asked him if he knew where I was. He asked where I was going and about that time I saw the building directory that told me I was right where I needed to be. WAY-FM was on the 6th floor.


Rich Anderson was already well into his day at work. He got things ready and I waited for Karen Kiser and Roger Cornelius as Rich continued to work. Roger was the next one there and I was encouraged thinking that we might actually get things recorded. We have tried several times to get together but something has always gotten in the way.


Karen arrived right on schedule and within just a few minutes the sound checks had been done and we were ready to record. Oh my, I wish you could have been there. It went perfect. Both Roger and Karen are seasoned theater pros and it didn�t take them long to really get into their parts. They were speaking in French so I didn�t catch much of what they were saying but it sure was fun.

Something happened that I�m not sure has ever happened before. Well, at least not any time I have been in a recording situation. The entire God�s Family script was done in ONE take. Everything went so smooth, the timing was right on and these professionals had practiced their parts so well that it was non-stop all the way to the end. That had to have been a God thing. WOW!

We still need the funds to have the French audio added to the video and the mouths put in sync. So it will be a while before we can go live with a French version but today we made one huge step forward.

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