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Boo Boo

Our grandson, Titus, was with us for a couple of days last week. He will be turning two next week. He is Pappas� buddy for sure.

� Pappasâ�� Buddy

Hi is just the right height that his mouth is right at the top of our table. He can just see over the table. Well, he was walking and looking over the table but not really watching where he was going and ran right into the table. He caught the corner of the table right in his mouth. Fortunately he wasn�t running and only smacked his kisser lightly. Even at that, it had to have hurt.

Being a good Nana, Vicky got an ice pack out of the freezer and had him hold it on his fat lip. That didn�t last long. Before long he was off and at least that boo boo was a thing of the past.

It was the next day or so that I was sent a link to this site on how to make a Boo Boo Bunny.

Every magician should have a bunny. Well, at least until the Rabbit Police came into existence. So even if you donââ?¬â?¢t have a ââ?¬Å?realââ?¬Â bunny, you can work some magic on a boo boo with this bunny.Ã?  Enjoy.

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