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Double Blessing

God rewards you double…
For all the devil’s trouble!

I had not heard that saying before today but I love it. I�m not too sure how accurate it is but I like it anyway.

Yesterday our daughter Karon had her regular doctorââ?¬â?¢s appointment. She was originally scheduled to have an ultrasound done next month but the Dr. asked if she would have time for one then if someone was available to do it. She did and you guessed it ââ?¬â?? TWINS!

Vicky and I were with her at the time. Talk about joy. Of course it made Papa cry but that�s OK, good stuff.
Both babies are doing fine and growing right on schedule. Karon will be having an ultrasound with each appointment from here on in. She is due Dec. 4 but we won�t be surprised if they come a bit before that.

Please pray for Karon, Michael and these two little ones.

Our son Ken and his wife Carlie are expecting their second towards the end of Sept. All is going well there also.

Vicky and I are sure enjoying this new part of our lives. God is so good.

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