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Watch The Signs

There have been things that have happened while on the road that just don�t have any human explanation. We have had things happen that have proven to us that there is a God who watches over us and protects us.

We were on our way to do a program one Sunday morning taking a route that we have taken hundreds of times I�m sure. It had been raining for quite some time and there was lots of water on the road. As we turned off a main State highway onto a fairly major secondary road I remember seeing something that I hadn�t seen before. The road was covered with what looked like dishwashing soap. That is, there were bubbles along both sides of the road with smaller bubbles on the road.

At first I figured there was something on the road that we would soon be out of but the bubbly road continued. The speed limit is only around 40 on this road and there are a couple of small hills. This road connects two State highways and when you get to the second highway there is a stop. The road T�s there and we were to turn left.

This T is right at the bottom on one of the small hills AND there is a slight left curve as you go down the hill. As we approached the curve and the hill I applied the brakes like I usually would. However the bus did not slow down much at all. The curve was fast approaching and I knew I had to make the stop at the bottom of the hill or else we would be going right into the intersection of the other road which is well traveled. Oh and, if you don�t stop, the road ends at the T remember.

hill T at the bottom

You can see the other road at the bottom of the picture.

There are a couple of road signs as you approach this intersection. One tells you about the stop ahead and the other is a small arrow pointing to the left telling you about the curve to the left. As you can see in the picture, there are also trees and a telaphone pole. The brakes were on but we were skidding. I was trying to make the curve but the bus keep going straight. That sign with the arrow was centered on the bus. All I could imagine was that sign coming right through the windshield. Keep in mind that the front of the bus is flat. There isn�t any hood or anything between what you are about to hit and the windshield.

Just to the right of the curve sign is a power line pole. I knew we sure didn�t want to hit that. We jumped over the curb, just missed the power pole and went right smack into the curve sign. The bus came to a stop and the first thing I noticed was that we still had a windshield. That sign was right in the middle of it and yet it wasn�t broken.

I got out of the bus to examine the damage. Everything looked fine with one exception, the sign. The sign was no where to be seen. I looked under the bus and sure enough there it was lying down on the ground. I was afraid that if I backed up, the sign would get caught on something and rip it out. The sign was already laying forward so it looked like the best thing to do would be to continue forward and turn left to get back on the road. As I pulled over the sign and it finally came out from under the bus it kind of popped back up slightly and bounced.

I really didn�t figure there was anything that I could do to get the sign to stand back up straight and this little incident had set us a bit behind schedule and we really needed to get to the church to do the program so we kept going.

Later that day when we were back home I figured I needed to take a closer look at the bus and see just how much damage we had received. The windshield didn�t have as much as a crack and even the front bumper didn�t have as much as a scratch. No matter how much I looked for damage I couldn�t find any proof that we had hit anything. I even had one of our board members come and check it out. There wasn�t a mark to be found anywhere.

The only explanation I was able to come up with is this. Just as we were about to hit that sign God must have had one of His angels lay the sign down so that the bus could go over top of it. The sign must have been down a fraction of a second before we got to it. Then once we were stopped the sign was allowed to spring back up under the bus. Ya, I know, that sounds like a story from the Twilight Zone but I don�t have any other explanation. So that�s my story and I�m sticking with it. You believe what you want to believe and I will believe what I saw with my own eyes.

ââ?¬Å?For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways.ââ?¬Â Psalms 91:11

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