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Born Again Chimp?

Is it possible that a chimp can be born again?

Somewhere around fourteen years ago, Vicky made a chimp puppet. Actually she has made many of them over the years and even has some in the making now. But let�s back up fourteen years ago. A man named Frank fell in love with this chimp and bought it at a conference I was teaching at. Frank and his new found friend started to minister together. That was a long time ago and ministry is hard work and the chimp started to show the signs of ageing.

Frank called and talked with Vicky about maybe giving the chimp a face lift. She agreed and in just a few days the chimp found his way back to his maker. I only wish we had taken a picture of him when he arrived. What a mess. This poor guy had really been used and it showed. He needed more than a face lift. A total body makeover was in store. He had come to the right place and was in good hands.

Vicky did some pretty major surgery on this poor guy. It ended up being far more work than she had expected but the end results were fabulous. The chimp was born again. That which was once old was made new. The one who was dead was given new life. The old had passed away and he became new in the hands of his creator. He was born again.

I couldn�t help but think about all of the parallels when we place ourselves into the hands of our Creator asking Him for a total make over. No, a chimp can�t be born again in a spiritual way like we can but when you think about it; the process is pretty much the same.

We did take an ââ?¬Å?afterââ?¬Â picture. Cute huh? (Vicky, not the chimp.)

Vicky and the Chimp

Vicky and the Chimp 2

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