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Can You Say Ouch

One of the things we have always tried to do is to stop and smell the roses along the road of our travels. It would be a shame to be in an area doing meetings and not see the sights that area offers. This was one of those occasions.

Arizona is a beautiful state. If you are ever out that way you really need to make sure you see the Painted Desert and the Petrified Forest. There are lots of places for you to stop and walk the trails and take lots of pictures.

We had stopped the bus and were taking one of these trails looking for places to take pictures of our 4 kids. We found what looked like a perfect spot. The kids were all lined up and I was getting ready to snap that perfect shot. However I really needed to be just a bit further away. As I backed up I backed right into one of those gigantic cactuses. Can you say ouch? Needless to say, the kids got a good laugh out of it if you get my point. Sorry, I guess I was the one that got the point. Smile.

ââ?¬Å?To him who led his people through the desert, His love endures forever.ââ?¬Â Psalms 136:16

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