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The Rest Of The Story

Does the name John (Johannes) Fust mean anything to you? I doubt if you have heard his name before. John was a German businessman who lived from 1400 ââ?¬â?? 1466. Maybe the name John (Johannes) Gutenberg rings a bell though? This is the man who invented the printing press and printed the Gutenberg Bible. What most people donââ?¬â?¢t know is ââ?¬Å?the rest of the storyââ?¬Â.

The Gutenberg Bible ultimately came about because of John Fust. You see, Gutenberg had the idea for the printing press but what he didn�t have was the money to build it. Fust had the money. Today you and I reap the benefit of Fust�s investment.

We have the idea for an animated gospel presentation that could be used on a web site, iPod, PDA or even a cell phone. What we don�t have is the $10,000 necessary to make it a reality.

The God�s Family animation is going to be one powerful tool. I would like to ask you to invest in this project with us. I would welcome the opportunity to share this vision during a morning service or with your mission board. With over 5,500 visitors to our site every day, we NEED a gospel presentation as soon as possible. Together we are partners in reaching the lost.

I have already started the wheels in motion to have God�s Family put into Spanish and Russian. Other languages will be added later. Keep in mind that each month we have people visit our site from over 50 different countries. Folks, we really are to take the gospel to all of the World and our ministry is going to be there doing what we can. Join us.

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