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New Storyboard

We have a new version of the God�s Family storyboard. If you listen to the soundtrack as you follow along with the storyboard you will get a real good feel for what the animation is going to look like.

We have a payment to make to Mike and in need of $500. If you have been waiting for a good time to make a donation, this would be it. Your gift will do more than you realize. Thanks.
Hi Sheldon,

I hope all is well.

Now that the soundtrack is done I am pretty much ready to move to the next step…or I was until I took another look at the storyboards you sent me. Typically once the soundtrack is done we do something that is called an Animatic which is essentially the storyboard matched to the soundtrack which gives you a visual representation of the p[acing of the film. Unfortunately the storyboards you sent me are so rough I couldn’t visualize the film correctly so I redid them. Incidently, the storyboards were done by one of my artists Maurice Morgan who is a Christian as well and was excited to work on something for God’s plan.

I attached them so you could see what I mean and post them if you like. I hope you don’t mind me redoing them, they just didn’t suit my purposes as is well enough. I did keep your shots only simply redrew them to incorporate the character designs. In my opinion it really comes alive and I am excited to get it going. As soon as I have cut together the animatic I will sent it to you for your approval. once that’s completed we can move on to actual animation.


One thought added to “New Storyboard”

  1. amelia Says:

    Love it! Mike’s right, it really does come alive now!

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