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What was I thinking?

I have only had my camera phone for a couple of months now. I know you like seeing the pictures but I need to start thinking ââ?¬Å?camera phoneââ?¬Â. This concept is still new to me and itââ?¬â?¢s going to take some getting used to. I have really missed some great photo opportunities the past couple of days.

Last night Richland Bible Church had a Family Fun Night showing the movie My Friend Flicka. It really was a fun night. Everyone enjoyed the movie complete with pop and popcorn. The purpose for the event was to raise funds for the God�s Family project. Praise the Lord for over $300 towards it. Thank you RBC and all who attended this evening of fun.

Yesterday was a huge work day at the office. We are getting a mailing ready to go out to about 500 people on our ââ?¬Å?snail mailââ?¬Â list. This is the most extensive mailing we have ever done. It consists of a brochure and a CD about the Godââ?¬â?¢s Family project.

We are doing everything ââ?¬Å?in houseââ?¬Â. That means that we are doing all of the printing, CD duplication and packaging. I know, this might not sound like such a big deal. After all, organizations do things like this all the time. However, this is not something we are set up to do with fancy equipment. The printer does a nice job and makes that process fairly easy. Copying the CDââ?¬â?¢s is another thing.

To start with, we donââ?¬â?¢t have a desktop computer in the building that has a CD burner. They have CD readers but not burners. We are talking some OLD machines. That leaves us with 3 laptops, one of which only works when it wants to. It has been down for several days the past couple of weeks. Even when it is working, it takes quite a while when you are talking an 8x burner. The other two laptops have 24x burners which isn’t too bad. Karon has been pumping out CDââ?¬â?¢s just as fast as she can with two computers setting side by side.

We are printing the labels for the CD�s as well. For some reason we are only able to print one label at a time. Ya, I know, there are two labels on a sheet but if we try to do two or more, the first one prints fine and the rest are a mess. So we do about 20, one at a time, turn the sheets around, put them back in the printer and print one at a time 20 more times. Hay, we are getting the job done.

My mother, Lucille, came up yesterday to give us a hand. She stayed over night and worked again on them today. She stayed busy packaging everything and putting the postage on them so they are ready to go to the post office.

I will try to get some pictures of this entire process later. We still have a LONG way to go. Please be praying. There have been all kinds of problems along the way. The God�s Family project is going to have a powerful impact so challenges along the way are to be expected. We WILL win.

2 Thoughts added to “What was I thinking?”

  1. Audrey Says:

    You can by equipment, including tower duplicator where you could copy 3 CDS at a time, and a CD printers whereby you can print directly on to inkjet printable CDs for as little as $789 ( 1 to 3 CD powerTower & Vision printer). Save you mountains of time in the long run! Just an idea

  2. Sheldon Says:

    Hi Audrey,

    Yes, we have looked into the duplicators like you mentioned. Believe me, we wish we had one. It really would make things easier around here. A couple of our affiliates sell them. If we were to get one from them they would pay us back a commission on it as well. Tiger Direct has a duel processor Vista machine for under $400. For another $70 we could add two more burners for a total of 3. That would give us a decent desktop machine as well. Then we could duplicate DVD�s as well as CD�s.

    The bottom line is, right now we are putting as much money as possible into getting the Godââ?¬â?¢s Family presentation up. The money we save by doing things ââ?¬Å?the hard wayââ?¬Â we are putting towards the $10,000 needed for the animation. Now if someone wanted to donate a duplicator or the money for one (or a desktop), that would be a huge blessing.

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