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Ohio FMC

Hi Ohio FCM class,

It was great being with you. I trust that you will put to use the things I shared with you. I really believe it will prove worth your while. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to be there.

I would really appreciate it if you would support our ministry by using  Good Search as you search the web and at least check out the many business that will give to us as you shop with them. To make it easy, you can download the special Jest Kidding toolbar here. Thank you.

If you haven’t visited the God’s Family site, you need to do that and be sure to put a pin in the map and leave a note for the rest of our “family” to read.

Here is the link to the PDF’s that I promised you.

Gospel Magic in Minutes 1 & 2 PDF’s

Be sure to check out the other resources we have here.

I would love to come to your church and do a gospel magic program. Believe me, it will be a night to remember. Give me a call or send a message to srhodes@jestkidding.com

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Keep up the good work.