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Christmas in July

Christmas in July

You are invited.

The World headquarters for Jest Kidding / God’s Family is in Nashville, MI. We are located on the main road that connects Hastings, MI with the Capital, Lansing. When people drive by now all they see is our sign out front. That needs to change. After all, we are a ministry and this property needs to shout Christ to everyone who passes by.

IMG_0859tomb smallWe were able to let the World know what Easter is all about with this display. We did not have time to complete it the way that we would have liked but at least it made the statement that Christ died for our sins, was buried and rose again the third day.

Starting the first of December we would like to have a nativity scene set up. Eventually we would like to have this complete display which is available from Bronner’s in Frankenmuth, MI. For Christmas 2014 we would like to at least have Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus. Click on the pictures to see how you can be a part of adopting one of these.

MaryJosephBaby JesusThe nativity will need a display. That is going to require some building. That is where the Christmas in July event comes in. You are invited to come and help with the construction of the set and scenery that will make up the nativity display. At least for this year we figure the animals and other characters will be cut out of plywood like the Easter scene was. As funds are available we will replace the plywood with the fiberglass figures.

Each sheet of plywood cost $50. Will YOU make a donation so that we can make the figures of your choice? Below is a picture of each piece along with the materials needed to make them. Please consider the pieces you feel God would have you provide.

Famly sm

The “Family” = 1 sheet  $50.






Sheep smAll of these = 1 sheet $50





Wisemen smThese 3 = 2 sheets $100






Cow smCow = 1 sheet $50

Donkey = 1 sheet $50







Camel smCamel = 1 sheet $50





Angel smAngel and Star = 2 sheets $100








Drummer smDrummer Boy = 1 sheet $50










Stable = 2 sheets $100






paint cansLots of paint = $25 per can




If you click here you can take a look at all of the Christmas pieces we will be cutting out and painting. We need YOU here to help.

Christmas and Easter are not the only times of the year that we can make this property proclaim Christ. We would like to have something out there every month. Here are some of the ideas we are considering.

Praying Hands

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July 26th

July 26, 2014 you are invited to come and help us make all of this a reality. It is going to take a lot of work but you know the old saying, “Many hands make light work”. We can use YOU. Here is a list of jobs that will need to be done.


Tracers – 2 or 3 people who can trace the images onto the special plywood.

Cutters – 4 to 8 people with jigsaws to cut the images out of ½ inch OSB (plywood).

Painters – 4 to 8 people to paint the images black. Some brush work but mostly rollers. We also need to paint around the foundation of the building. Then if we can find an artist (see below), we may be doing more detail work on the images.

Artist – If we have at least one person who can draw and/or paint features on the images that would be GREAT. If you can draw the features on I’m sure we can find someone to “color between the lines” and paint them. Please let us know if you can help us with that as it will require more than just black paint.

Electricians – 1 to 3 people who can run electricity to several locations for flood lights, etc.

Mason – 1 to 2 people who can set up support areas in several locations using cement.

Carpenters – 1 to 4 people to build the 3-D stable, etc.

Cooks and Servers – We will need several people willing to help prepare and serve all of the food that will be necessary. Yes, there will be a Christmas theme so baking some Christmas cookies and candies would be nice. We will also be having a “Birthday cake for Jesus”. Please contact us in advance about this.

Landscapers – There is need to take out a couple of dead bushes around our sign as well as planting other shrubs to dress up the display area.

Helpers – We will need several people just moving things from place to place. The plywood will need to be where the tracers can trace onto it. Then it will need to be moved to the cutters so they can make sawdust. Then it will need to go to the painters, set aside to dry and then back to the painters again for a second coat and finally move to storage.

Music – It would be great if someone could play or sing a couple of Christmas songs before Sheldon does the magic/juggling Christmas program right after lunch.

Sound – We have a sound system but will need someone to run it for the “program”.

Clean up – There will be quite a mess at the end of this day. Maybe you can help throughout the day by keeping things picked up or would be willing to stay afterwards to help restore some sort of order. That would sure be great.

Optional Projects – If we have enough people, there are some other projects that could be done:
Lay flooring in one room
Light fixtures installed
Magic tricks assembled
Windows replaced
Trim work in office