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Balloon Worker – PDF

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By Hoby Tyler (Paul Ricksecker)

This is designed for the beginner and/or the practicing balloon artist.

Hoby firmly believes that balloons are a must for a fully developed clown and can be an asset to the working magician. Balloons can be used for a full balloon program, for a clown walk-around or for a stage person to give to the persons that come to the stage to assist in routines.

This is a series of tips and if the reader gets one idea from this publication that he/she can use the next 50 years, the author will feel he has done his job.

NOTE 1: Some of the content of this file is also in a condensed version called A Few Tips On Balloons listed on this site as well. You may want to consider it. If you have Balloon Worker you do NOT need A Few Tips On Balloons.

NOTE 2: This is a PDF file and you will be given a link to download it after payment is made.

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