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Promotion and Public Relations Guide

You can have the greatest news in the world, but if no one knows, it is of little value. Too many times, outstanding events, like Christian programs are the best-kept secrets in town. Therefore, your task is to get the news out for this performance. Explore every avenue of publicity. Follow up every detail.


Develop a checklist of all media in a fifty-mile radius, which includes daily and weekly newspaper, radio, television, shoppers’ guides, and church bulletins or newsletters.

Send the public service announcements to all radio and television stations. Contact personally the music and/or religious paper editor of the major newspapers for an interview or story.

Start home prayer meetings with the youth and adults. We must all be aware of the need of prayer to make the meeting(s) a success. Expect miracles, knowing that the Lord will hear our prayers. Download the video from this site and get it into the hands of your tech department.

Review all areas! Put posters in strategic areas and public gatherings. Send final article to all radio stations. Arrange necessary housing accommodations. Show promo video to encourage people to be there and bring friends.

Please clip all newspaper articles, church bulletins, etc. and give to speaker or mail to our Nashville, MI office.

Relax and pray for a good turn out, because you know you have done your part.

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