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Special Needs

There are needs that don’t necessarily require money — just labor. If you have special talents that can meet these needs, feel the Lord leading you and have the time to help — by all means, contact us. If you wonder where we are, here’s a map.
Lend A Helping Hand


  • To do routine maintenance on vehicles.
  • To service lawn mower.


  • To install 3 ceiling lights in office
  • To install outlets in shop
  • To install motion light switches
  • To hook up lights to outdoor sign


  • To build props
  • To install a drop ceiling
  • To build upper cabinets in secretary’s office
  • To install new windows
  • To install exterior door
  • To put finish-trim around windows
  • To put baseboard on basement steps
  • To do finish trim in office


  • To tape ceiling in entrance way
  • Tape drywall in garage


  • To send letters, conformation forms, etc. to churches and schools. This could be done from YOUR location by use of a computer, email and internet access.


  • To maintain records
  • To prepare tax reports


  • To replace tub/shower


  • To do outside window and door trim
  • To paint two rooms


  • Carpet for 16′ x20′ office
  • Trim for office
  • Office suppliesOffice Depot, Inc
  • Magic props
  • 12″ wood plainer
  • Paint for two rooms

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